Interrogation is a mature narrative puzzle game with RPG elements that emulates the atmosphere of dark investigation procedurals to put the player in the detective’s seat and challenge their preconceptions about terrorism and the fight against it with noire intensity. The game offers some deconstruction upon the tropes related to interrogation scenes in pop-culture and about the nuances of terrorism by playing as a question-based puzzle.

Immerse yourself into the world of an investigator having to deal with a new wave of terrorist threats. Try to understand your suspects and to manipulate their emotions into getting the information that you want. Make relevant story decisions and get to deal with the Liberation Front in your own way. Get to know who they are and construct your own opinion about them and their actions. Find out more!


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    How long does it take for a baby to be born? 1 second, right? POP, and the baby is now part of this world. The doctor writes down the date, the hour, the minute, with a bit of diligence and if they have the necessary field on the form, even the second. One minute the baby did not exist, but no... read more...

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The Critique Gaming team is an eclectic squad consisting of six people with very different social and educational backgrounds, from law and economy to art and programming, with very diverse skillsets. We’ve gathered with the mission of making pointful games that explore important contemporary questions. After testing a few directions, we’re looking to moving on from amateur into professional independent game development with our Interrogation prototype.

Andrei Olaru

Producer, Marketer

Andrei “Dexter” Olaru is the captain of Critique Gaming. An economist and career debater with international results, he’s the entrepreneurial spirit of the team, handling project and team management, wrangling needed resources.

Marius Petcu

Game Developer

Marius Petcu is a graduate of the "Bucharest Polytehnic" and with artistic spirit and a background in debating, he’s the team’s programmer. He makes sure the abstract thoughts and ideas of the team take tangible form, supple and interactive on the player’s screen.

Dora Marian

Art & Graphics Designer

Dora Marian is a graduate of the National University of Arts, photographer, tasteful super-hipster and graphical artist of the team. She gives identity and visual form to all of the team’s creative content.

David Moscovici

Game Designer, Writer

David Moscovici has a master’s degree in law, is grumpy, is a trainer and career debater and is the team’s game designer. He writes the narrative content, insures the balance and dynamics of game mechanics and handles the creative direction of the games.

Dragos Antoniu

Sound Designer, Composer

Dragos “Dexi” Antoniu is an economist but his soul is in music. Passionate about contemporary popular art, he creates the sounds and soundtracks for Critique Gaming.

Mădălina Șoimu

Art & Graphics Designer

Mădălina Șoimu is the newest addition to the Critique Gaming team. A Computer Science student, she has a knack for smart video games and for drawing art for them.


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