Interrogation is a narrative-driven conversational puzzle that deconstructs preconceptions about terrorism by putting them in a noire representation of the iconic movie interrogation scene as the investigator tasked with emotionally manipulating the suspects at hand despite realistic constraints.


The Liberation Front’s influence is expanding further and further. Whispers about the most powerful terrorist organisation in modern history are beginning to be uttered. At the heart of it, you are the investigator tasked with preventing their attacks and, perhaps, stopping them. What do these anarchists want, and how are they so capable?

You need to pierce the minds of your suspects and work your way to the truth, through intimidation, guile or empathy. You must understand their motivations and make hard choices about your methods. To what lengths are you willing to go to attain your goals?

Beyond each interrogation lies the fight against the Liberation Front. Where do you stand on their demands and their views? Will you engage in all-out war or will you attempt to get close to them? What if you get too close?

Lives are at stake.


Interrogation aims to be a mature narrative puzzle game, having players piece together information, study and manipulate the emotional states of their subjects.

Outside the interrogation phases, the campaign phases ask you to decide how to allocate resources and perks, as well as to make major story decisions with consequences both immediate as well as reaching into future chapters. Ethics, morality and efficiency are all factors that will need to be balanced. Or not. Your call.

What tools will you employ to face the Liberation Front?


All of Interrogation’s art and sound is built around tension. The custom music conveys, with increasing tempo, the imminent danger that the player is working against and the serious nature of the challenge, with a darker soundtrack when losing or the enhanced interrogation sound effects. The almost-monochrome art also focuses the action on the narration, pointing to the realistic nuanced personalities of the characters.


Currently, Interrogation is just a prototype. Within it we depict, over the course of 2 simplified bare-bones episodes, the current version of the core game mechanics together with the atmosphere and vibe of the game. The current prototype puts you in the role of the interrogator that is tasked with finding out the location of a bomb within five minutes from the three subjects you have in separate interrogation rooms. Which one placed it? How can you get them to talk? Can you do it without too many unethical practices? It will take a few playthroughs to know. on

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